PureAire Releases Universal Toxic Gas Monitor

  • By PureAire
  • 18th July, 2018

PureAire Monitoring Systems manufactures and distributes toxic gas monitors for safety, and as of August 2013, releases new toxic gas monitor called the Universal Toxic Gas Monitor.  Their monitors make sure areas where toxic gases exist the area remains at a safe and breathable level, some gasses included are chlorine, bromine, HCL, HF, ammonia, toxics, and hydrides. These gases, commonly known as toxic gases, can be hazardous or even deadly if used without the proper safety precautions.  Typical areas where these gases are used include laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, cryopreservation facilities, semiconductors, and cold food storage. The addition this product line insures PureAire’s products are the premium choice for your safety.

Since their beginnings in 1997, PureAire has sold many thousands of toxic gas monitors to customers including (Northwestern University, Exxon Mobil, and NASA) and laboratories (Intel, Los Alamos National Labs, USDA).  A release of toxic gases in a confined space can cause irritation, permanent damage, and even hospitalization making it direly important that every space with human occupancy be monitored. Though these gases can be highly dangerous, their universal gas monitors allow groundbreaking research to be done with the ease of knowing any leak will be immediately detected.

PureAire Monitoring Systems provide the #1 universal toxic gas monitor in the industry. With a renewable sensor lasting 7+ years, no competitor can offer the same longevity or reliability. The universal gas monitor has a built in audible alarm, 2 user-selectable relays for signals to external fans/horns/strobes, and a 4-20 mA signal.

The introduction of the universal gas monitor provides a newer easier solution for the customer. Still used is the STX-PA Smart Gas Transmitter, though PureAire is predicting the universal gas monitor will take the STX-PA’s place. Manufactured in the USA, there is no question they are the unparalleled company to go to for your toxic gas monitor safety needs.

The STX-PA has been sold since PureAire started in 1997 along with there 4-20mA version Aircheck Lite, also trying to be replaced by the universal toxic monitor. As with most technology, a newer updated version of a product is necessary. While the universal monitor has many of the same functions as the STX-PA this product offers more. Integrated is software enabling the customer to change the sensors by a simple plug and play. If the customer has testing which requires using HF for a few days but needs to switch to chlorine for another experiment, he/she can simply unplug the HF sensor and replace with chlorine in matter of seconds. The STX-PA would also have capabilities of switching sensors, though sending in the monitor PureAire had to take place in order to switch.

In addition to many more features listed for the universal monitor, now there is a considerable louder 90 dB audible alarm. Lastly, pricing is much more competitive starting at $1,390 for a complete system compared to a starting price of $1,990.

For more information on the PureAire Oxygen Monitoring System, contact PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc., 557 Capital Drive, Lake Zurich, IL 60047; phone 888-788-8050 or 847-726-6000; fax 847-726-6051; or email info@pureaire.net.  You may also visit the company’s website at www.Pureairemonitoring.com.