Semiconductor manufacturing relies on the use of Nitrogen and other inert gases.


Smartphones, laptops, smart watches, digital cameras.... all of these devices that are critical in the modern economy rely on small electronic parts to run. As demand for these devices...
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Row of Argon tanks commonly used in R&D labs.

Inert Gases

Inert gases are widely used in research and development because they help keep oxygen out of environments that need a specific purity. They also maintain cold temperatures, for instance...
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Molecules and tissues commonly associated with the biotechnology field, oxygen monitors are necessary to alert of risks with inert gases.


Within the biotechnology field, oxygen monitors play an important role in protecting the public safety by reducing the risk of adverse health effects after a gas leak. Nitrogen gas...
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Inert gas tanks used in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Medical and Hospital Gases

Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical labs rely on inert gases including nitrogen, CO2, and oxygen. In a hospital setting, for instance, nitrogen quickly destroys tissue and also preserves blood and...
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University labs should have oxygen monitors wherever inert gases and compressed gases — most commonly nitrogen, argon, and helium — are stored or used.


Compressed gases — most commonly nitrogen, argon, and helium — are widely used across college and university labs.  Students may use nitrogen gas in science labs, for example to...
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Pills and capsules made in a pharmaceutical laboratory. Oxygen monitors help monitor leaks into the laboratory environment.


Medical facilities and pharmaceutical labs rely on nitrogen gas to maintain frigid temperatures for cell preservation, material storage, tissue storage, and prevent risk of fires. Yet the same gas...
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Woman experiencing cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is commonly used in CRYO health centers is the latest health trend to help reduce inflammation and treat injuries.


Cryotherapy, essentially a frosty air sauna using nitrogen, is the latest health trend to move from professional athletes down into the mainstream, where it’s primarily used to treat injuries...
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Scientist opening a cryopreservation tank, used to put living cells in a state of suspended animation in ultra low temperatures.


Cryopreservation has come a long way since the images of cryogenically preserved bodies awaiting a reanimated future. While cryopreservation is still used to put living cells in a state...
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Row of cryogenic gas tanks to help keep tissue and blood properly chilled so they can be used in hospitals and laboratories.

Cryogenic Gases

Cryogenics relies on inert gases, including nitrogen, helium, and argon, to maintain very cold temperatures. Many different facilities use these gases, including sports medicine facilities, culinary institutions, cryo health...
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Bottles on conveyor belt in a food and beverage packing plant.

Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industries rely on both carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas to create and serve all types of foods. From fine dining to fast food, restaurants and...
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Oxygen monitor seen outside MRI room in a hospital.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows doctors to diagnose injuries and illnesses, so they can determine the best way to treat everything from cancer to tendonitis. The MRI machine uses...
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3D printer creating metal part in additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

In additive manufacturing or AM, 3D printers can create parts for technology, medical, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, and other industries using templates. Some of the companies that rely on...
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Man holding smartphone screen: Smartphones rely on LED manufacturing.


Smartphones and high-definition televisions rely on LED lights. Innovations in organic LED, known as OLED, improve the resolution of smartphone screens and lower the manufacturing cost. As manufacturers invest...
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Nitrogen or N2 generators to provide a reliable and consistent supply of nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen generators allow businesses to create their own nitrogen gas on demand rather than purchasing dewars of nitrogen to use when needed. Generators provide a reliable and consistent supply...
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Gas chromatography chamber commonly used in forensic science and medical research.

Gas Chromatography

Forensic science, medical research, and other industries need to separate chemical compounds for analysis through a process that's known as gas chromatography. Inert gases are the engine that drive...
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