Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen or N2 generators to provide a reliable and consistent supply of nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen generators allow businesses to create their own nitrogen gas on demand rather than purchasing dewars of nitrogen to use when needed. Generators provide a reliable and consistent supply of nitrogen gas, and they ensure the business can operate at maximum productivity without waiting for the next delivery from the supplier.

Many businesses have switched over to using nitrogen generators from cylinders because they are easier and more cost-effective. For example, companies in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, university setting, or hospital and medical setting may choose nitrogen generators as a way to increase productivity and invest in their business.

In the nitrogen generator, liquid nitrogen is stored in a sterile tank, then passed through a vaporizer to transition to a gaseous state where it’s ready to be used. As long as the generator is operating properly, everything is safe.

Wherever nitrogen gas is used, there’s a potential for oxygen deficient states to occur if the gas leaks from the generator. Nitrogen gas is heavier than oxygen, so as it leaks out of the generator or supply line, it pushes oxygen out of the room. Since nitrogen generators are most frequently installed within buildings, there is no place for the nitrogen to escape if a leak occurs, which means the nitrogen will build up within the room and continue to displace oxygen.

Since neither nitrogen nor oxygen has a smell or color, employees cannot tell this is happening. When oxygen levels fall below the safe threshold, workers can become nauseous and confused or asphyxiate from lack of oxygen. To protect the facility, it is important to use an oxygen monitor wherever inert gases such as nitrogen are stored or used. This means adjacent to the nitrogen generator as well as on the production floor.

Oxygen monitors take continual readouts of oxygen in the room. Since a nitrogen leak displaces oxygen, the monitors can tell when there’s a nitrogen leak and alert employees before the atmosphere becomes oxygen deficient. With a loud alarm and flashing lights, PureAire’s oxygen monitors deliver peace of mind and help the facility comply with OSHA regulations, which may require oxygen monitors be placed anywhere nitrogen gas is used. In addition to using an oxygen monitor near the nitrogen generator, facilities should educate employees on the risks of a nitrogen leak and place clear signage where nitrogen is used or stored.

Wall-mounted oxygen monitors can be conveniently placed near the oxygen generator. The unit’s digital display can be read at a glance, so employees can check oxygen levels to ensure everything is operating properly.

Accuracy is highly important with oxygen monitors, since a monitor that isn’t accurate cannot provide in-time notification. Oxygen monitors from PureAire are highly accurate, even at temperatures as low as -40C. PureAire’s oxygen monitors are suited for use in a range of environments, from storage closets for gas cylinders to laboratories, restaurants, basements, and even freezers. Because PureAire’s monitors work accurately even when the barometric pressure shifts, they are a better choice to detect a gas leak.

PureAire’s O2 monitors come with a 3-year warranty. What’s more, they’re designed with an industry leading zirconium sensor that is capable of lasting for 10 or more years. PureAire’s monitors are designed to operate efficiently from the date of installation on without requiring calibration or seasonal maintenance.

Since nitrogen generators are often stored far from the places where the gas is used, facilities may need multiple O2 monitors to detect risks anywhere they happen and sufficiently protect workers.

Protect your business, deliver employees peace of mind, and get in compliance with OSHA regulations around oxygen deficiency monitors by browsing PureAire’s O2 monitors today.