PureAire Introduces New 0-10ppm Trace Oxygen Analyzer, with Low ppb Accuracy

  • By PureAire
  • 24th November, 2022

PureAire Monitoring Systems is excited to add its 0-10 parts per million(ppm) Trace Oxygen Analyzer to our full line of Oxygen Deficiency Monitors, Carbon Dioxide Monitors, Toxic Gas Detectors, and LEL Gas Monitors. The new Analyzer measures trace levels of oxygen across a wide variety of applications where precise, ultra-low gas concentration monitoring is critical to ensure safety and product quality.

Our new Trace Oxygen Analyzer provides accurate measurements of trace oxygen levels from 0-10ppm. The Analyzer’s repeatability and accuracy are <± 2% parts per billion (ppb) of the calibrated range. It is well suited for the semiconductor industry, including wafer transfer tools, process chambers, and Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) manufacturers, as well as 3D printing, pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and packaging. PureAire’s low ppm and ppb sensors are ideal for any applications where inert gases, including, but not limited to, nitrogen, helium, and argon are used to displace oxygen as part of the oxidation reduction process.

PureAire’s Trace Oxygen Analyzer is designed for continuous monitoring where inert gases are used to create environments in which there is little to no oxygen present. It has a remote sensor that, with the use of a KF-type vacuum fitting, mounts directly into glove boxes or process/vacuum chambers, and it allows for monitoring up to 10 feet away from the Analyzer.

The Near Absence of Oxygen Helps Protect Product Integrity in a Variety of Industrial Applications

The presence of oxygen in certain manufacturing processes can negatively affect the integrity of products. For instance:

  • Semiconductor manufacturers seek to eliminate oxygen during key processes to protect the quality and reliability of sensitive components. The presence of trace impurities can result in the loss of whole batches of wafers.
  • High-purity gas systems, laboratories, and pharmaceutical facilities require sterile, oxygen-free conditions in order to test, manufacture, package, and deliver pure, contaminant-free gases, drugs, and medicines.
  • Food packagers and bottlers know that residual oxygen can promote the growth of microorganisms such as mold and other pathogens, potentially leading to foul tastes, off-textures, and shortened shelf-life of food and beverage products and, in certain instances, food-borne illnesses.

PureAire Trace Oxygen Analyzer

PureAire’s Trace Oxygen Analyzer should be used in any location where precise measurements of oxygen levels need to be maintained, and where the presence of oxygen could negatively affect product integrity.

Our Analyzer responds in seconds to changes in oxygen levels, and in the event of an unacceptable deviation in required O2 levels, will set off an alarm, complete with horns and flashing lights, alerting personnel to take corrective action.

PureAire’s durable, non-depleting, long-life zirconium oxide sensor will remain accurate over a wide range of temperature and humidity levels, and it will last for 10+ years in a normal environment without needing to be replaced.