A Complete Troubleshooting Guide to Streamlabs Chatbot!

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  • 24th October, 2023

How To Change Streamlabs Bot Name

streamlabs chatbot name

Streamlabs Prime is a paid service that offers many benefits to streamers. Let’s talk about setting up the Streamlabs Chatbots now that we’ve covered the primary functionality and parts. Streamlabs Chatbots may be connected on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer, as we indicated before in the post.

streamlabs chatbot name

Chatbots can help to increase response rates, speed the purchasing process, customize communication, and improve customer service. If you already have an account for your bot, you may connect it to your stream by clicking the “Click here to add” link and following the on-screen directions. Streamlabs Chatbot is an application designed for YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. While playing games or downloading any stuff enables you to communicate with your audience.

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A new feature called, “selective recording” allows streamers to enable or disable sources, making streaming a hassle-free and easy experience. Streamlabs chatbot happens to be the one for streamers who are just starting with their platform. Streamlabs’ exceptional features would explain its exponential growth ever since its arrival, every day, more users make the switch. Try out BotPenguin’s chatbot It can integrate with multiple software seamlessly and help save all the leads that could be lost otherwise. Various firms employ chatbots on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, We Chat, Slack, and others.

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Displays the target’s or user’s id, in case of Twitch it’s the target’s or user’s name in lower case

characters. Make sure to use $touserid when using $addpoints, $removepoints, $givepoints parameters. Displays the user’s id, in case of Twitch it’s the user’s name in lower case characters. Make sure to use $userid when using $addpoints, $removepoints, $givepoints parameters. A streamlabs Twitch bot script to ban annoying bots that want you to purchase viewers and followers.


You may alter where and how commands can be used on the use tab. Whether it’s conversations, whispers, or discord, it’s all there. A live streaming technology called Chatbot from Streamlabs enables you to interact with your viewers. It’s a program made just for YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. These provide amusement and moderation choices while you stream. Thanks to this, you may interact with your audience while downloading material or playing games.

I’m setting up Streamlabs Chatbot for my stream, and I was wondering if there’s a way to change bot’s name that appears in the stream’s chatroom. The seventh and final step is to launch the chatbot, at which point everything should function normally. Step 5Select whatever widget you’d like to install on Streamlabs Desktop.

If you want viewers to play with you in your Fortnite games, Queue will save you many headaches. Modules are your minigames, notifications, and other chat enhancements. Remember that turning on any of these could flood your chat with these modules. Mod Tools are the main for keeping your chat under control. It is advisable that turn them all on and stick with the default preferences until you need to change how you want your conversation to run.

Once you’ve done that, you can create a chatbot by going to the “Chatbot” tab in your Streamlabs dashboard and following the on-screen instructions. You can customize your chatbot’s settings, such as its name and commands, and then activate it in your streaming software. Created in 2014, Streamlabs is a collection of software made to aid streamers to live stream content on platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube. It allows you to add themes, widgets, and other useful features such as sponsor banners, sub-goals, and live chat. These improvements include a layout editor that allows streamers to configure and change between stream layouts quickly.

Streamlabs Chatbot

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streamlabs chatbot name