“Thanks again for your support. The oxygen monitors are in their respective locations and are functioning as designed. Nice unit! Everyone thinks they are a great product. The software menu is easy to use and could not be easier to operate. We performed a Nitrogen check to cause the LEDs/alarms to activate and all are good.”

- Dominion Nuclear

“The O2 monitors are working well and doing a great job! Alarm relays are configured with the exhaust fan and is triggered a couple of times a day if we have LN2 bottles in the area. Excellent product, repeatable, and reliable as advertised”

- Gulfstream Aerospace

“In forty plus years of business, I would say PureAire was the most supportive company I have ever worked with. PureAire has a fantastic product and wonderful people. They not only sold us their monitor, but also assisted us in creating a system using their monitor to control our system. They spent weeks working with our engineers.”

“We tested their system for one year operating 24/7, beyond incredible. Totally accurate and reliable, I never once had to adjust any parts or had any problems.”

- Resources Worldwide

“The O2 monitor was placed in an area where a liquid nitrogen transfer is done weekly. The monitor reading is checked each time before the transfer is done and so far there has only been a difference of 0.1 in the reading, which I believed to be correct.”

- Halliburton

“The oxygen monitor seems to be performing admirably. The sensor is placed in a process room (an ISO 8 clean room) near a process that uses nitrogen. The monitor was able to point out a substantial leak that we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise!”

- Pearl Therapeutics, Inc.

“The PureAire arrived today and looks like it is just what we want. It is a little thing, but I especially like the mounting brackets. Many things have mounting brackets that fight the user. Thank you very much!”

- UC Santa Barbara

“So far they have been performing great. We have not had any issues with the installed monitors. Thanks again for all your help.”

- Jefferson Labs

“The system is working great. I hooked it up to our Building Control System (Johnson Control Metasys). If the monitor goes into alarm it will page us with it readout and also send an email to me. Thank for your help.”

- Northwest Hospital

“PureAire was fantastic to work with and the product is working well. Al Carrino, PureAire’s president, visited our site regularly to help us with the project development phase. The customer service was first rate, and any and all issues were dealt with immediately. Finally, the price point of the devices was very competitive.

These are not devices you necessarily want the lowest bidder on, and PureAire provided what I would consider a Complete Package from concept to start up. You will have no regrets about working with Al Carrino or the PureAire team.”

- Cabot Microelectronics

“The monitor that I purchased is being used in my laboratory, in which we do experiments with a continuous flow liquid cryostat and occasionally use liquid nitrogen to cool a detector. Everything seems to be working just fine – the system was easy to install to get up and running.”

-National Institute of Standards and Technology ( N.I.S.T)